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My snapchat memories one might be thinking why I
only made half a year in snapchats..cause honestly my video app loves to have it stick to 5 mins..
had snapchat for about 2 years now..and I’ve had some snaps back when I
first got the app..but I wanted to start it from the beginning of this’ll see mainly my nephew Blaze..and me on my adventures to the
beach and other places..These are memories to help me remember
that sometimes when one is sad..there’s always a reason to smile and you
were happy at one point or another..

Getting my watch back

Feeling: renewed and weird

Hello!  Hello!

Feels kinda weird to be on this since I’ve been on my other blogs..but its a very nice change.


I just got back my most fave watch back from repair! Which was nice.It looks all shiny and new again. My watch is Michael Kors Oversized Two-toned Runway Watch..LOL It has a pretty long name. But its my baby! LOL Plus I don’t think they make this one anymore.

Still trying to figure out how this site works..hopefully it’ll be functional and look nice!

Until then…