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The name is SHANA BEE.. I live on a lovely rock in the middle of the sea called Hawaii..I LOVE the color black and blue..Asian inspired anything..animals..LOL..and also cheese crackers, macrons, pizza, milk bubble tea and coffee (kinda sweet coffee) addict MUSIC = ♥ ♥ without music i feel lost! LOVE is LIFE ♥ everything happens for a reason..

A talk

“I know you like those guys with the abs!”
“No comment, man!”



My snapchat memories one might be thinking why I
only made half a year in snapchats..cause honestly my video app loves to have it stick to 5 mins..
had snapchat for about 2 years now..and I’ve had some snaps back when I
first got the app..but I wanted to start it from the beginning of this’ll see mainly my nephew Blaze..and me on my adventures to the
beach and other places..These are memories to help me remember
that sometimes when one is sad..there’s always a reason to smile and you
were happy at one point or another..