A thought

It’s amazing how a person thinks that they can just delete the pictures, the things they shared with someone.. But there’s one thing you can’t delete. Your memories.

All of the lights

Running Errands with Food

Feeling: adventurous and still kinda hungry

I was running errands yesterday..like looking for a certain part for my car…and then my brother and I went to a place called Hula Boba. I got me a Strawberry Milk Tea blended with bubbles.


It was super YUMM! LOL Then we went to Wal-mart for a bit. Later on in the night..my friends and I went to Just Tacos. I got me an Apple Chimichanga.That was also good..but at times a bit too sweet..I think the chocolate syrup was a bit much..but by themselves it was super yummy~


Lots of sweets isn’t really good all the time but its nice to have every now and then..

Until then..

Getting my watch back

Feeling: renewed and weird

Hello!  Hello!

Feels kinda weird to be on this since I’ve been on my other blogs..but its a very nice change.


I just got back my most fave watch back from repair! Which was nice.It looks all shiny and new again. My watch is Michael Kors Oversized Two-toned Runway Watch..LOL It has a pretty long name. But its my baby! LOL Plus I don’t think they make this one anymore.

Still trying to figure out how this site works..hopefully it’ll be functional and look nice!

Until then…

♥ ♥ Everything happens for a reason ♥ ♥

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